BREEDERS ---Yes thIS page IS for you!

I laugh because this is the page I personally look for on all breeder's websites when I'm looking to purchase more breeding stock!  So here it is!  Be patient with me as it is under construction.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE to HELP others!  We are here to help, support and watch you grow!  We want to see you succeed in your new venture!  Whether you are a new or seasoned Breeder, we want to work with you!  We hold back breeder prospects from each litter, so generally the answer is always going to be yes we have availability to approved Breeders!  Shoot me an email.  


Of course there is no way to know which pup is breeder quality until 6-7 weeks of age.  But I wanted to let others know that I usually have openings for potential breeding stock.  

Items Needed for your Nursery 

I feel certain this list will always be changing as there are always new items to add.  Enjoy!