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About Us

Introducing the Perfect Family Pet!

We are located in Calhoun, LA but have puppies all over the world!  Read our About section to learn more about us and our program.  We have one puppy ready to go home now! All of our 8-week-old pups are $3,000.  We are offering FREE DELIVERY within 3 hours or for a fee if further.  We also offer a $250 discount to all repeat clients!!!!  All info can be found by clicking on the Price & Litter Info Page.  There you can read about the process and complete your application.  If you click on the Available Pups Page, you will see what we have available now and what we have available in the coming months.  Our puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract.  To complete an application, please visit this underlined page.  All prices are the same unless you are looking for breeding rights.  If you are, please email me.  We also offer pet transport services for our puppies and for live coverage for stud services.  All transportation costs are subject to travel expenses unless otherwise specified.  Please inquire directly for an estimate.

Arrowhead offers two dog training programs. We offer our Intro program which is 4-5 weeks long.  During Intro, the pup learns basic obedience, leash/off-leash walking, potty, and crate training.  Our Advanced course is around 3-4 months.  The Advanced course covers the Intro lessons, house training, socialization in public, public on/off leash, and traveling properly in the vehicle.  Advanced pups will be fully vaccinated as well.   For cost and program details, please reach out.  


We are actively searching for guardian homes within 1 hour of Calhoun, LA.  It is basically like a foster home but for dogs.  Once the dog finishes his or her breeding commitment (3-4 litters for females), he/she would be neutered or spayed and ownership would be transferred to you.  Puppies will be going home at various times for this program!  It is recommended that this pup participates in Arrowhead Academy to get a jumpstart on training and set you up for success!  

Arrowhead's puppies are making their way from coast to coast!  Puppy buyers are you ready to bring one home?

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Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend
never owned an Australian Labradoodle.

Marble Surface

Our Why


So many ask why this breed??  They are the most loving and compassionate dogs I have ever met.  They really get in sync with their families and provide so much affection.  You know how some people prefer a weighted blanket for comfort?  I would compare our ALD's to a velcro weighted blanket.  (HA)  As an example, I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer in 8/2018.  My life was completely shattered.  We purchased a little girl in early 2019 and she became my Emotional Support Animal.  She knows when I'm sad or down.  She won't leave my side.  She sleeps in my lap or on my pillow.  If I'm crying, she will literally lick my tears away.  She is literally glued to me like velcro and provides so much support and comfort.  

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