Current/Upcoming Litters

We rarely have puppies available for a last-minute addition to your family.  Most of our families are on a short waiting list. Look below and if it says AVAILABLE, we do have an opening.   Please refer to our Price & Litter Info Page for more info on how to get on our waiting list.  All reservations are taken per litter and deposit time and date depict the order in which you pick your puppy.

PAGE UPDATED AS OF: 9/26/2022 at 6:41 PM CST

All timeframes and studs/sires are subject to change based on Mother Nature.  Breeder reserves the right to choose any/all breeder or service quality dogs. 

Sugar & Thor's Southern Summer Flowers Litter


Mini ALD (20-25#)     Birthdate: 7/26/22         Ready to go home NOW!


Tommie  & Thor's Louisiana BreweriesLitter


Mini ALD (15-20#)     Birthdate: 7/27/22         Ready to go home NOW!


Port Orleans.jpg

Foxxie &Thor's Pour Some Wine Tour 

Micro Mini ALD (15-20#)    Birthdate: 8/1/22  Ready to go home NOW!

Blueberry Merlot.jpg

Athena & Bentley

Mini ALD (Around 20# full grown)

Birthday: 8/9/22

Go Home: 10/8/22

Both parents have darkened considerably!  These babies are gorgeous!


1. Breeder-AVAILABLE

2. Taking Reservations NOW

3. Taking Reservations NOW

4. Taking Reservations NOW

5. Taking Reservations NOW


Expected Birthdate: 9/26/22

Expected Go Home: 10/19/22

1. Breeder-Reserved

2. Breeder-Available

3. Reserved

4. Reserved-Rooney

5. Taking Reservations

6. Taking Reservations

Fairytale Lane American Lager


Tiggy & Lager.png


&  Stevie Wonder

Mini ALD (20-25#)

Expected Birthdate: 10/19/22

Expected Go Home: 12/14/22

1. Breeder-Reserved

2. Breeder-AVAILABLE!!!!

3. Reserved-MacMahon

4. Taking Reservations

5. Taking Reservations

6. Taking Reservations

* Stevie belongs to our friends at Doodles of LA!  




&  Bentley

Mini ALD (20-25#)

Expected Birthdate: 11/7/22

Expected Go Home: 1/2/23

Expected Colors: Chocolate, Red, Cream, Apricot

1. Breeder-Reserved

2. Breeder-Reserved

3. Taking Reservations

4. Taking Reservations

5. Taking Reservations

6. Taking Reservations


Ember & Thor

Mini ALD (17-24#)

Expected Birthdate: Nov '22

Expected Go Home: Jan'23

Expected Colors: Red, Cream, Apricot, Black

1. Breeder-Reserved

2. Breeder-Available

3. Taking Reservations

4. Taking Reservations

5. Taking Reservations

6. Taking Reservations


Future Litters - We will be accepting 4 spots minimum on each litter.  If you are interested in one of these, please indicate it on your application.  Girls can be found on the  Ladies Page  (click underlined item).  Breeder spots are available as well.  Please message me directly for more info.

Hazel x TBD (unknown)

Hadley x TBD (Go home 3/2023)

Athena x  (unknown)

Pumpkin x TBD (Go home 5/2023) Retirement Litter

Foxxie x TBD (Go home 3/2023)