Adoption/Pricing Info

Before you search for a less expensive option, learn why Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles are a little pricey. All ALD’s that are registered with ALAA, WALA, and ALCA require extensive testing. Our extensive health testing is conducted on ALL breeding dogs at 16 weeks and every 18 months. The testing ensures you are receiving a quality pup with no life-threatening illnesses or diseases. My husband and I ensure that our Australian Labradoodles receive proper care, training and that all socialization requirements are met. We also work closely with our veterinarian to ensure proper health and breeding techniques are utilized. All Labradoodles coming into our breeding program go through extensive health and temperament testing. The health testing is conducted through Paw Print Genetics and follows the Code of Ethics and Breed Standards set forth by ALAA & WALA.  We want your new fur baby to have his/her best HEALTHY life with you. We want to ensure we do EVERYTHING possible to make that happen!


There is no price difference in color, size, or gender. Our puppy price is $3,000  (Plus applicable taxes if in LA - total price with tax is $3312)  There are additional fees for breeding rights if you would like to breed your new family member.  Please inquire for more information.


The puppy price includes: 

  • 2-year genetic health guarantee (this applies to life-threatening disease – please refer to the contract.) 

  • Up to date vaccinations and de-worming 

  • Microchip (activation application included)

  • 6 Generation Pedigree 

  • Once we receive documentation of the spay/neuter we will release your paperwork for ALAA and/or WALA Registration.

  • 30 Day trial Pet Insurance from Trupanion (must be activated within 24 hours of adoption.)

  • Your puppy will also receive various forms of socialization, developmental training, neurological stimulation, and an introduction to house training.  We utilize BAXTER & Bella Puppy Training and Puppy Culture to ensure your furry companion is smart, confident, and acts in a socially acceptable manner. 

  • We provide you with a 25% discount if you subscribe to BAXTER & Bella's Exclusive Online Puppy School.  You will receive Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Access to all of their training methods! Use code ARROWHEAD to save!

  • Puppy Package (contains: a blanket with the mother’s scent, treats, toys, complete records, information on how to care for your new puppy, potty training, feeding, grooming, and a lifetime of unconditional support!)

How do I purchase a puppy from Arrowhead?



Read this entire page and the PDF contract that is attached.  If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out immediately by EMAIL ONLY for clarification.  We DO NOT place puppies based on their gender, markings or color.  We match based on temperament testing results and the family's needs.


We take weekly photos, random timeframe videos and also do live videos on FB.  All will be posted in the owner's group.

Decide which size dog you are interested in.  (Micro, Mini, Medium or Standard). Each upcoming litter is advertised on the Upcoming Litters Page. (click the link to take you to the page).   Complete the application - make sure to select or type in which litter you are interested in.  Once your application is submitted, you will hear from us within 48 hours.  Once your application is approved, you will move to step three! 




Arrowhead reserves the right to refuse the sale of a puppy/dog at any time before the sale occurs.


Once your application is approved, submit your $500 non-refundable reservation fee (plus LA Sales Tax $52).  You will also receive an email with your reservation fee agreement.  This must be signed and returned immediately. 

Please send me a friend request on FB and follow our business page Arrowhead Australian Labradoodles.  I will invite you to a private Owner's Group! 







You will be added to your litter in the order of your deposit.  Please remember Mother Nature is in control of all things!   All times are subject to adjustment.  All studs/sires listed are subject to change prior to honeymoon dates. 

Be deciding on puppy names and we will teach you how to transition him/her to their new name.

If a litter has more/less pups than expected, we review each deposit for that litter based upon date and time placed and modify based on that order.


Watch the FB group and your email for future announcements.  All important dates and announcements will be sent via our Owner's Group!!!  Payments are due at birth ($1380 - $1250 plus LA Tax of $130) and at 6 weeks $1380 - $1250 plus LA Sales Tax of $130).  All payments are due by 5pm CST.  If you fail to meet the payment deadline, you will be moved to a future litter.  If you are moved to a future litter, you will be moved based on date and time of your deposit. 

At birth, go ahead and make your first visit appointment with your vet.  It will need to be within 72 hours of pickup.  The pup WILL NOT receive shots at this appointment.  Also, go ahead and schedule your 9 week shots so that is taken care of.  I would also go ahead and schedule grooming for 18 weeks.  If you are local, I would love to groom your baby!


Puppy Visiting & Gotcha Day will be announced through the FB Owner's Group.  Puppies will be allocated/selected at Gotcha Day at 8 weeks.  This process will be detailed in the Owner's Group.  There will also be an individual chat on FB for owner's for each litter.   All puppies go home at 8 weeks!!!   If you need transportation to get your puppy to you, please let me know at the time of your application.  We do offer transport services (within reason) for a separate fee.  All transportation fees must be paid in full by 6 weeks of age.  Flight nanny recommendations are also available.  We normally pay around $550 (standby) or $1200 (ticket) for this service to our local airport. 





Sales Contract & Health Guarantee

This agreement is not complete until signed by both parties.  It will be sent electronically.  This document is the sole property of Arrowhead Australian Labradoodles and can not be reproduced or replicated in any way.

Strict Testing Principles

Untitled-1 [Recovered].png

Genetic Testing-Paw Print Genetics:

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC), Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK), Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures (NEWS), Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Cone-Rod Dystrophy (PRAcrd), Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRAprcd – causes blindness), Von Willebrand Disease I (VWD), Incorrect Coat (IC) and Furnishings


OFA Certifications:

Hips, Elbows, Patellas, Cardiac


Eye Exam by a Certified Ophthalmologist to check for:

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Retinal Dysplasia, Optic nerve hypoplasia, Choroidal hypoplasia, Distichia, Cataracts, Vitreal degenerations and Corneal dystrophy

DNA Profile: 

Our breeding dogs are ALAA DNA Profiled. All of our breeding dogs have been DNA’d and their DNA profiles have been submitted to the ALAA. This has been done to protect the buyer and support parentage identification. We are proud to be an ALAA/DNA breeder.



If you are ready to move forward with adopting your puppy, please click the following link and complete the questionnaire.  Serious inquiries only!

Every family is different, and there are no right or wrong answers.  Every puppy family has different needs, and this application helps us identify who needs what information and what homes might make the best fit. So again, thank you!