Guardian Family Program

Our dogs are our hearts! At Arrowhead Australian Labradoodles (AAL) we want all of our pets and breeding dogs to live a life full of happiness and love! Australian Labradoodles (ALDs) are intelligent, happy, and loyal pups. This makes them a wonderful addition to a loving and caring family. We want all of our dogs to live in a family environment and never be isolated in a kennel setting. 


We are searching for approved families to qualify for our guardian home program for our future breeding dogs. Both the guardian family and the breeding dog will be an extremely important part of our program. We will network with this family continuously. This program provides a unique opportunity for local families to become forever paw-rents of a breeding dog. These forever paw-rents love and care for the puppy/dog, taking care of its everyday care and expenses. AAL covers all breeding related expenses while retaining ownership and breeding rights until the Guardian contract is completed. Once the contract has been fulfilled, AAL retires the dog and will spay/neuter it at their own expense. The ownership of the dog is then transferred to the guardian family. 


Our breeding dogs are a “pick of the litter” puppy chosen by Brandon and me. We choose this puppy based on many factors such as health, structure, pedigree, temperament, and coat type. All hopeful breeder puppies are health and genetic tested. This puppy will meet or exceed breed standards. Breeding puppies are placed with their guardian families around 10-12 weeks of age. The breeding dog will come to Arrowhead Australian Labradoodles for breeding. He/she will be returned once successful breeding occurs. Males are only away from their guardian family for a very short period of time. The female will come back to AAL to deliver, nurse, and wean her puppies. She will remain with our family for a period of 8 weeks defined by when her puppies go to their forever families. At that time, she will be returned to her guardian family. We completely understand that 8 weeks is a very long time to go without your best friend and favorite pet. We strongly urge and welcome the guardian family to visit her with scheduled appointments. 

Requirements to become a Guardian family:

Guardian families will acquire their puppy at a much-reduced price. There is a  small fee to become a  Guardian.  The family must comply with the contract. 


Guardian home/family MUST:

  1. Live within a 3 hour radius of Arrowhead Australian Labradoodles located in Calhoun, LA.

  2. Own home where the breeding dog will reside.

  3. Be willing to allow periodic home visits from AAL and/or deliver the dog to Breeder or meet Breeder upon request with 24-hour notice for breeding purposes, testing, etc.

  4. Must NOT leave the dog unattended for long periods of time.

  5. Safely confine dog by use of a secured physical fence.  The dog must be on a leash at all times while outside of your fenced yard for safety and prevention of accidental pregnancies.

  6. Carry Trupanion Insurance policy on the dog for the life of the dog.  Breeder will set this up for you at a discounted rate.

  7. Feed only Fromm food, supplements, and treats requested by AAL. Links available on this website.

  8. Join and utilize BAXTER & Bella's Exclusive Member Only online training program. It is an online puppy school that teaches you everything you need to know! Click the link below. We offer a discount code!!!! Type in ARROWHEAD for 25% off!  An overview of this program will be provided as well.

  9. Provide basic obedience training (come, sit, stay, no, leave it, quiet, kennel).  Provide housebreaking with kennel training techniques.  Provide adequate exercise daily, not allowing the dog to become overweight as decided by Breeder in order to protect hips from hip dysplasia.

  10. All family members agree to positive training/correction only. NEVER strike, hit, or use fear to manage the dog.  This will be evident when presented to Breeder.

  11. Provide proper socialization per AAL’s request. (Document will be provided with required socialization)

  12. Follow all guidelines and recommendations set forth by AAL in regards to dog’s basic care such as:

    1. Vaccine Schedules (always use mercury-free rabies shot.) – Due for 1-year vaccinations: (date and Vet record provided.)

    2. Heartworm, Flea & Tick Prevention – Advantage Multi each month on the (date).  Please keep away from humans and other animals for at least 2 hours after applying so it doesn’t transfer. 

    3. Grooming – Contact Breeder before cutting coat so the Breeder can take pictures.  I will professionally groom (at the Guardian’s expense) the dog every 4 weeks in an approved ALD cut.  This is a MUST!

    4. All boarding for vacations or absences will be held at my home only.

  13. Provide updates, photos, and videos for use by AAL (monthly at a minimum).

  14. Clear communication and cooperation with AAL through the contract. This includes making the dog available to us for testing and breeding appointments as they arise.

  15. Contact Breeder IMMEDIATELY in the event of serious illness or accident including severe diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting, etc.

  16. Notify Breeder of any absences or vacations.  My home is your boarding option.  Guardian dogs are not allowed to be boarded at vets or boarding facilities.

  17. Other dogs in the home:

    1. For breeding females – no in-tact (un-neutered) male dogs in the same home. She should also never be left unattended around an intact male.

    2. For breeding males – no un-spayed females in the same home. He should never be left unattended around an un-spayed female.

    3. Accidental pregnancies/breeding – If this occurs, the guardian family agrees to immediately pay the sum of $12,500, which is the average cost of a Labradoodle breeding dog. Furthermore, the buyer agrees to pay Seller $3,000 per puppy should any puppies be born as a result of failure to supervise the breeding dog. The buyer also agrees to relinquish all rights of the dog and its offspring (if applicable) should the dog be bred in breach of this contract, and the seller has the right to reclaim the dog and its offspring (if applicable.)

    4. Keep the dog away from the ground of public areas until the DHPV series is complete (approximately 16 weeks).  This is to prevent parvo.

  18. If applicable, in the event the dog does not pass health testing, Guardian will be required to pay Breeder any difference in the purchase price and will be allowed to keep the dog as a pet.  The dog MUST then be spayed/neutered at the Guardian's Expense.


Casey & Brandon Tyler

Located in Calhoun, LA

Call/Text: 318-348-5272

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